Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Craft room clear up

I lost my craft room recently, i had been busy making stock for wood-n-stitches and as i hadnt realy been spending much time in there it became a dumping ground for stock, bags of fabric, rolls of wadding etc etc, along with my hall way, it had come to the point i couldnt even open the front door some will say this has been going on for some time, which it has but no way to that extent, but now as we have rented space i am able to sort it all out and reclaim my hallway and my craftroom, hurrah i cry, although i was not looking forward to the actual doing of the deed, i realy rather enjoyed it, i found things i had no idea i had and things i hadnt seen in some time
i found a front door lol
and i found stitching i had no idea where they had gone to, one of them was this LK i started a few years ago, i had forgotten all about it, but after finding it i have started to stitch on it again, jan and feb were already done so yesterday i started on march, i realy have the stitching bug at the moment and am enjoying stitching on this
pity i didnt find my brambles and roses though, wonder if that will ever turn up!!so i have my craft room back although i will be sharing it with my grandson when he stops at the weekend so i have invested in some boxes to keep everything out of little fingers way,
i have got the urge to scrapbook again and have just been out buying stash!!

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