Sunday, 23 January 2011

Back on the planet....

Ok so i dont know where the time has gone it is almost the end of january already,
my head has been somewhere else with being ill for almost 7 weeks, got that sorted out with the help of the docs and had a few days of feeling better and WHAM another cold.....please go away and find somewhere else to live!

was just uploading some pics and realised i hadnt put any of caras birthday , we all went out for a meal which is the custom but she wouldnt let the whole cake and candles thing happen so that was done in private at home after lol
but i love this photo, the sparklers/candles are actualy in the shape of "21"
my babies aren't babies any more!!

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Michelle said...

Oh Lorna sorry to hear you have been unwell. There are so many cold virus's about at the moment - you do to much you need to take time out and rest up! Lovely photo. xx