Sunday, 31 October 2010

Vampire Jake

just have to show you this,
Jake 's nursery were dressing up for the day for halloween on friday ,
this is jake as a vampire, firstly with just the clothes on....

then with his makeup and hair done....

and 5 minutes later lol, boy does he look grown up with his hair lol

and then onto what i have been upto,
i have decided that i am working far too much although i am enjoying it greatly i am also missing doing my own thing so have decided sunday evenings is my time, my stitching time, so i started last week and i am working on "the sheltering tree", one colour nothing to taxing we shall see how much i get done tonight, i am off to stitch now lol

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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Its almost Halloween...

And here are a few of our offerings for the season,
i love halloween, so much fun
all hand painted by the fantastic Cara

£6 each for the canvases that come with their own stands and £2.75 for the hanging words

Monday, 11 October 2010

Day 2-Crafty Weekend

Mssing people today but we still managed to have a great day, we even, for the last time this year i am sure managed to sit outside for lunch which was just lovely.

there was a little more productivity today....but not much lol
here is Ann doing some quilting.

Lyn has been busy paintingwe were very busy playing with the camera lol

Jo was trying to avoid the camera....gotcha!!

Colly was looking puzzled about something!!

and here are some of the brilliant exchanges received this time, this one is Jos received from Ann who is very new to quilting but managed to sew this fantastic bow onto jo's towel , it is gorgeous, well done Ann.
This is Polly's scarf and choccies received from Tammy, polly didn't take it off all weekend lol

This is Chris's received from Jo
and this is mine from Sandra, Sandra was playing with her new toy, a free hand quilting table.
so another weekend done, shattered now but cant wait till we can do it all again.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Crafty weekend- day 1

well that was day one over in a flash, blink and you missed it.....i wish you could slow down time for these things
lots of laughter as always and i think a little bit of crafting was done...maybe lol
we did have a friendly sheep as a visitor first thing, employed to cut the grass but he was too interested in joining in the fun so had to go cut someone elses grass for a while lol

here is Lyn receiving a very early christmas
and sporting the very brief briefs on her Lyn.......oh i will explain later lol

well i will take more pics later of some of the exchanges received
but as for day one ....great day and a lovely meal in the local brewery in the evening too,
here we go for day two.....

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Halloween's a comin !!

if you love halloween you will love these, hand cut and hand painted....
"Scaredy Cat"
with fimo detail.

and "Cat tales"

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

New Quilts and Cushion

Its very hard to get things onto the website when they are ones off's like the quilts and cushions, no sooner are they made and on the stall when they are gone! very good i know but i would love to be able to show you more of them like the alphabet with bright yellow and purple gingham baby quilts gorgeous but no sooner made they are gone, here are a few we have at the minute.......
a single bed quilt, lovely and bright, great for any childs bedroom or play room

and these gorgeous "baby" baby quilts lol so much fun.

and the A for aeroplane and R for rocket applique cushions,
just love them.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ragdolls and Parties

Ragdolls....and lots of them, well not so many now as these are flying out of the door,
just a small selection of what we have on offer....aren't they just gorgeous

if you would like us to bring along our selection of toys and gifts to your house for a toy and gift party then just get in touch, you could be earning yourself some good commission.... great for all that christmas shopping.

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Friday, 1 October 2010

what i have been doing...

well apart from my sewing machine working overtime as usual, poor thing just keeps going for me lol, not that i have done much sewing this week, well not as much as usual, i have been busy with other things, vouchers to go in goodie bags for a health and beauty fair we are doing on sunday in nottingham, i have also been working on an order of personalised aprons for the staff of a local cafe, then sorting through all the boxes that keep arriving at the house, a ton of body shop goodies, and this lot, well the ragdolls have been here a week or so, but the jigs arrived yesterday....
chunky alphabet and number jigsaws......

just a few of all the gorgeous ragdolls, all varying sizes, arent they just gorgeous?

and some fantastic nursery picture frames, just love these little cuties...

well best go get ready for the day job lol
watch this space though lots more to show you
and its crafty weekend next weekend and i am in the middle of sorting out the menu for the weekend, busy busy!!!
please leave a comment and say hi
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