Friday, 31 December 2010

The Family Sampler-progress

So i have started and here is my progress so far, not a lot to see, and a long way to go lol
i am using a frame for the first time in forever not something i usualy do i normaly just stitch in hand rolling it up but i have been having trouble with pains in my hands so have decided to try the frame and see how i get on that way,
so far so good

i have also be thinking about doing a stitchalong,
a christmas ornie one, something along the lines of ..
we make an ornie every other month say feb/april/june/aug/oct, we get to keep all our ornies to go on our own trees next christmas apart from octobers which we swap with someone else who has also been stitching them,
something along those lines,
trying to get my stitching bug going again
anyone care to join me in this, if there is enough interest i will make a Fb group or something similiar, maybe through
"exchange heaven"
any thoughts on this would be very welcome.
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Michelle said...

Lovely progress Lorna - well done. Good idea about the ornie swop but I couldn't commit this year sadly as I am already in some exchanges and I have lots of larger projects I want to do this year. Happy New Year to you all xx

Brigitte said...

This is a wonderful sampler. It might be a long way to go but it will be a lot of fun stitching it. Great start!