Friday, 31 December 2010

The Family Sampler-progress

So i have started and here is my progress so far, not a lot to see, and a long way to go lol
i am using a frame for the first time in forever not something i usualy do i normaly just stitch in hand rolling it up but i have been having trouble with pains in my hands so have decided to try the frame and see how i get on that way,
so far so good

i have also be thinking about doing a stitchalong,
a christmas ornie one, something along the lines of ..
we make an ornie every other month say feb/april/june/aug/oct, we get to keep all our ornies to go on our own trees next christmas apart from octobers which we swap with someone else who has also been stitching them,
something along those lines,
trying to get my stitching bug going again
anyone care to join me in this, if there is enough interest i will make a Fb group or something similiar, maybe through
"exchange heaven"
any thoughts on this would be very welcome.
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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sheltering tree- Giveaway

Here it is finished,
well i actualy finished it before christmas but havnt been on pc much with visitors etc
so here it is not the best picture as it is scanned cause Cara ran off with my memory card for the camera!
if anyone would like this chart please leave a message below and i will pull a name out of the hat, thats if anyone reads my blog lol, dont mind where it goes, here or overseas.

i am now working on "The Family Sampler" by Littlehouse Needleworks,
i will take some progress piccies along the way.

With "Wood-n-Stitches" keeping me very busy i have been neglecting my stitching and missing it! recently I have been trying to keep sunday evenings to my stitching which has almost worked and i am going to carry that on if i can
i am also in need of some new christmas ornies and would like to try and make some over the coming year and join in some exchanges again for them, i am at present not in any cross stitch forums (cannot enter CN) does anyone have any recomendations for good friendly forums to keep me inspired.....
looking forward to hearing from you all and getting excited about my stitching again
please visitors stop and say Hi
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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Santas Been !!

and this is what he
Turkeys in the oven, no santa didnt do that i did lol
now just got to wait for everyone to arrive at 9.30
going to be a lovely noisy day, cant wait for Jake and his "oh brilliant" (thats his new saying)
8 for dinner possibly 10
ooh and the mess when all that wrapping paper is off!
have a fantstic day and holiday everyone.
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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Scout hut crafters.......

We had our scout hut christmas party on sunday, which did include some crafting too,
i managed to make a quilt i needed to get done but i forgot my camera and then when i fetched the camera it didnt have a memory card in doh!! so no piccies of anyone this time but here are some gifts i received
firstly from colly at the hardanger group, i am hoping to have a go at these over the holidays! thank you Colly x

and then from wendy lady this gorgeous stocking, notepad and pen, thank you wendy x
and here is my exchange gifts from Polly, cant wait for my taste buds to come back for the mulled wine yum yum, thank you polly x

after a lovely day we ended it by going to the "The Sample Cellar" for a lovely roast dinner which was fantasatic food as always.
we will be back in the scout hut in february.
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