Wednesday, 22 September 2010

what to say.......

Seen as i can talk for england why am i sat here fingers at the ready thinking, what can i say??
something i dont normaly have trouble with lol but today!!!
so what can i tell you, realy busy with wood n stitches, its going fantastic and is keeping me realy busy which is great but very tiring, realised i haven't had a day off in many many weeks, no wonder i am tired, and i realise also that i am missing jakey time,
he is always over one night at the weekend but is asleep for most of that, so i get to play for a couple of hours then its to bed than in the morning i get an hour or so and i'm off to market or a craft fair, another two weekends working then i think on the third i might have a sunday off lol cant wait for jakey day, it is lovely though that i do get to see him, lots of nipping in and out and a couple of phone calls a day, he takes the phone to his mum and says "nanna", and gets quite upset until mummy rings me ,how sweet is that, we have some lovely little chats, he tells me about rory(whoever that is) and igglgiggle, as he calls him lol a lot of it i have no idea what he is saying lol but i just love our chats
here is our cheeky little monkey, realy do need to have some time with him and the camera, he is growing so fast!
he will be 2 a couple of days before christmas, where does the time go??
there you go i am all dried up now i have waffled for a minute or two!

please feel free to leave a comment, i would love you to!
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Lula said...

Aw he is looking cute

Rachael said...

Wow 2 years already(well in dec) how time flies

Michelle said...

Oh Lorna - where does time go. He is a real little sweetie. Don;t go burning yourself out - you need to take time out. Michelle x