Thursday, 26 August 2010

Exchange finish...

i just want to show you what i made for jane in the recent exchange for "exchange heaven", the theme was thread bobbin, which is just a decorative item to go with your current project to help keep all your threads together
thanks to jane for photos as i forgot to take a pic before i sent it out!

and this is the thread bobbin i received from Lynn, isn't it just gorgeous, i hav'nt been stitching much lately but i might just have to sort out my next project so i can use my bobbin, thank you lynn, i think it is gorgeous.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Fantastic Weekend

well that was an adventure lol, Jo and i had a great weekend camping in a park in the middle of nottingham surrounded by a fair and thousands of screaming kids lol
imagine the picture ...a huge slide on one side ,a football penalty game on the other, jo and i in a little tent in the middle in bed with thousands of screaming kids having fun all around and if you cant get out to go home what do you do? you just take the barriers down lol
yes we were at the Riverside festival in nottingham, it was great fun but very tiring with trading up until 11pm friday and saturday and then 6pm sunday, forgot to take pictures of the campsite but i do have one of the stall before trading on sunday

we met lovely people again, Toniann who was on the toy stall next to us and very helpful.
i am now busy loading lots of goodies to the website, got so much to do and so many new things in the production had better get back to it.

plesase leave a comment and say Hi x

lorna x

Friday, 6 August 2010

What a week!!

well no pics this time, i have an awful week and not got anything done that i should have, my car broke down a few weeks ago and has been playing up ever since, think you have fixed it ....then nope its off again, well last week we decided enough was enough, it was an oldie and didnt owe us anything so time for a new car,
found what we wanted but that fell through with some work that needed doing to it, so found another...this week it has just been s o o o s l o w in getting it sorted and so frustrating, have had to make a trip to the dealers every day after work which is the other side of nottingham in rush hour traffic on a motorbike...not funny!
told him i realy realy needed it by last night but nope we are picking it up this morning, back to other side of nottingham through early morning rush hour traffic on the bike....of what fun...not
then it is quick run round asda then home and pack the car cause Wood-n-stitches if off to THE RIVERSIDE festival in nottingham at lunchtime
talk about by the skin of your teeth lol

so i had all these plans for things to get done this week and none of it has happened, and i just have one big headache lol
but realy looking forward to the weekend, hoping the weather is ok as we are camping there !!!

i will take lots of pics hopefuly
have a great weekend all.