Tuesday, 18 May 2010

She has to get in every where!!

i have been busy this past couple of days, well i have been busy this past couple of months actualy, no hold on i am always busy lol....mmmmm anyway i have just finished this quilt and i am loving it, the colours, the finish , everything, what do you think?

and of course i have a little someone getting in the way, no sorry trying to help! she is always in the way, we had to send her upstairs to Cara last night when i was trying to sew the binding on, she just would'nt let me do it, kept trying to chew my thread, its a wonder she did'nt get stabbed with the needle lol, she wasn't happy about being shut out but was soon back terrorising me lol, she even came up and woke me up by attacking me while i was in bed asleep last night and purring very loudly lol i had to hide under the duvet but she kept getting in lol

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Rachael said...

Beautiful quilt Lorna!
She's cute!I had a puddy cat get in the covers last night with Dh being away!!