Sunday, 30 May 2010

Tell me how....

A girl is surposed to work with a kitten that just won't leave me alone lol, she has nearly been stithed in a few times, its just play time ALL the time for Lola, although she has worn herself out and is now fast asleep right in the middle of it all lol

you should see when i am hand stitching, she goes crazy for my threads and if she can't get them its my scissors, she loves the scissor keep dangling lol

oh well better get back to it while she is asleep, off out to a craft fair tomorrow so busy busy
if you are going to Melton Day(melton mowbray, leicestershire) come see us in the craft marquee.

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Monday, 24 May 2010

Exchange received....

We had our monthly get together at the scout hut yesterday,
we stayed lovely and cool in the hut and sat outside in the gorgeous sunshine for lunch, it was a great day, we had a cushion workshop, (see wood-n-stitches blog for pics of that)
and i received my spring exchange from Ann, which i did'nt get last time as Ann could'nt make it, it was worth the wait, look at this gorgeous note book cover Ann made for me and the other lovely bits that came with it, its all just gorgeous thankyou Ann, i love it all.

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

She has to get in every where!!

i have been busy this past couple of days, well i have been busy this past couple of months actualy, no hold on i am always busy lol....mmmmm anyway i have just finished this quilt and i am loving it, the colours, the finish , everything, what do you think?

and of course i have a little someone getting in the way, no sorry trying to help! she is always in the way, we had to send her upstairs to Cara last night when i was trying to sew the binding on, she just would'nt let me do it, kept trying to chew my thread, its a wonder she did'nt get stabbed with the needle lol, she wasn't happy about being shut out but was soon back terrorising me lol, she even came up and woke me up by attacking me while i was in bed asleep last night and purring very loudly lol i had to hide under the duvet but she kept getting in lol

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Apple tree

Look at this little thing, just full of blossom and its only 4ft tall, there's not many things i am taller than but i am taller than my apple tree lol, and

this little tree out the front, i have plum trees, apple, pears,cherry, cookers....we shall she what fruits we get this year but they are looking very happy at the minute

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Fantastic time...

Was had by all at Stratford upon Avon, its just great spending time with great friends, thanks Jak and Deb for a great time and to spend it with you guys, thanks to Karen for being a perfect roomy
and great to see everyone else again, Mary was as usual keeping us entertained,

here we counting down to next time can't wait.

well back to the real world, i went fabric shopping this morning and have some ideas in my head for new goodies for wood and stitches, so back to it.
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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Off on my jollies.....

i'm all packed and ready to go, just need to get people out of bed,
i am off to spend a few days with the girlies in Stratford upon Avon, a lot of laughter ahead i know!

see you all when i get back.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Fab Weekend...

see look Jo does exist, see her hiding behind the stall!

well we have had a fantastic weekend despite the weather, the sun was out for most of it, saturday was a gorgeous day with sunshine and no wind, sunday was a bit windy and BBrrrrr, monday we had a bit of everything!

thanks to everyone that visited us, it was great to meet you all and to chat to you, hoping to see you all at the craft days, if your looking in please say hi.

if you placed an order then please watch your emails we will be in touch very soon, in fact the peg bag is done already lol......

so onto the next one, Melton Day BH monday 31st May

see you all then.