Monday, 25 May 2009

He's growing fast

We have been very busy this past week with moving, firstly it was Niall and Lewis along with their friend Percy moving from a very small terraced house into a four bedroomed place with HUGE garden there they have been joined by David, so most of the week was taken up with sorting them out, then it was Amee and jakes turn, they have moved from a small two bedroom upstairs flat to a two bedroomed house with gorgeous gardens, so after all of that apart from being shattered i have told them no one is allowed to move for a little while yet lol, after we had sorted amee out we had a bit of a relax and play in the sunshine in Amees garden, thought i would just show you our little man he is growing so fast and is so precious................

Amee being slobbered on by Jake

caught on camera, jakes first time sitting up unaided!

He just loves being on his feet as you can tell lol

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Button Bottle set

Now that we have our little jake i am starting to get a lot of little bottles hanging around lol, these are his juice bottles, i already made the two little button and ribbon jars for the raffle table at the weekend crafty get together so i have taken it a little further and made a container for them, it holds four bottles so you can use them for whatever you like, i realy enjoyed making this.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Jackies quilt!

here it is, i gave jackie her quilt while at the scrapajack retreat, i think she loved it lol, well she showed everyone that came in the room her quilt and threatened them every time they went near it lol so i am taking that as she liked it!

this has restored my faith in it, i made another quilt recently and am just not happy with it, it has been put in the bottom of the wardrobe to be brought out and pondered over another time but making jackies with it being so bright and cheary has restored my faith in my quilting! i realy enjoyed making it and hope jackie enjoys using it!

and here is a matching cushion, cause i can't count blocks and did'nt want to leave it out!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Back from Retreat

Did you miss me?
well i had a fantastic time at the scrapajack retreat with jak and deb and the rest of the gang (too many to mention) the sun shone all the time, we arrived on wednesday at 3pm, checked into the Swansnest Hotel in Stratford upon Avon and then went off into town for a wonder before others started to arrive, there was about 8 people stopping over on the wednesday, stephen and cara stayed over on wednesday too they went home thursday afternoon, we had a gorgeous room, the hotel has just been refurbished and is even better than last year, and their service is just brilliant, nothing is too much trouble, i could'nt fault them! the food was fantastic and too much, we did nothing but eat lol

i did 4 classes while i was there, i have a kit from another class to do, i was too tired by saturday to attend the class so will do that soon

firstly there was the Eyes wide open class from Maria, goegeous kit and class, loved it.

then there was the monster mini book from Claire, i absolutely love this little mini book, and was working on it well into the small hours of friday morning to get it finished, it has envelopes for pages and in each envelope is a pull out so lots of space for piccies.

then we had the sunshine class from Anna, not quite finished this one, need to add my title, which i can't decide on yet.

then there is another class from Maria, its the friends class, another gorgeous kit, i did'nt do this one in the class but on my own when i had lost my mojo for a short time, this got me going again.

there is another mini book to do which i will get to soon.

i also managed a page in my Jake album, i am doing a page for each 21st of the month for his first year, 21st being the date he was born, trying to keep it all upto date....lets see if i can manage it!

so thats another retreat over, feel quite sad realy but on the count down for next May!!

Sunday, 3 May 2009


My sweettreats has arrived and i love it, have no idea what i will be making with it, but i love it lol
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