Thursday, 27 August 2009

Happy Birthday Niall

Well yesterday was my youngest Nialls 18th birthday,he as the rest of us was at work all day but they managed to get him home in good time as we all surprised him by waiting for him in the pub with banners and balloons, although he new something was going on as he walked through the car park and saw lots of familiar cars, it was a lovely evening with people trying to get him drunk, lovely food and lots of cake and pressies lol, Happy birthday Niall.

onto other things...i am still feeling pants, wish this cold would go on its merry way, someone elses turn me thinks lol

and on stitchy matters
Here is my latest finish "The Sampler Lady" a very enjoyable whats next lol

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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

LK finish

Well the house has been infected, we all have colds, poor Jake started last week with a snotty nose, Amee and Cara soon followed, Stephen came down with it on sunday, MAN FLU his was far worse than anyone else lol and did'nt leave his bed sunday or got to work monday....and what happened last night?? yes i came down with it long as it clears up before the weekend thats fine lol.....still stitching mind you lol

For Colly's birthday, made into a pin keep, with a few colour changes along the way.

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Embroideryguild finish

My latest finish,the embroidery guild by LHN a very enjoyable stitch, changed a few colurs along the way as you do lol

my stitching bug disappeared for a while but it is back and i have completed a few things this past week or so, not that i can show much as most are pressies or for exchanges but watch this space!
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Monday, 17 August 2009

I just Loooove it!

on my wonderings round the carboot on sunday i found this! i am always looking for quirty little things to go in my craft room, i just love this and thought it would fit in so well!
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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Carboot find

we went off for our usual sunday carboot wonder this morning, we always come back with something, usual something baby related but today i found this little lot, the lady said 75p when i asked her the price of one of the little lace pieces on card at the bottom of the pic, so i them asked her how much for the whole lot £5 said she, oh yes please said i!, some are stained which has not come out from washing but with over 70 pieces i am a happy bunny, now what am i going to do with them all?
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Latest Mail art

this is my latest mail art and it made its way to US and Eva, it arrived safe and sound to my great relief.

and this is what i received back from Robin, little bit disapointed that her post office would'nt let her post it and it arrived in an envelope but it is gorgeous all the same, thank you robin.
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