Monday, 6 July 2009

We went to the seaside!

Got to have my yearly sand between the toes and my feet in the sea and seen as we won't be getting a holiday this year we went to mablethorpe yesterday, the weather was gorgeous!
of course we took Jake along for his first ever visit to the seaside......

his first ever touch of the sand...he wanted to get in there!

he just loved the sand, now you don't get any smiley face shots with jake when he is doing something becasue he is so into what he is doing there is no getting in lol

and of course you get the I'm going to eat it shots lol, a face full of sand what better lol

oh my goodness and there was water too, jakes favourite thing lol

he had so much fun splashing in the water, he just wanted to sit in it all the time

good job we had a change of clothes he got soaked lol
but overall i think he likes the beach lol


Karen said...

Looks like you had a great time Lorna. he's such a cutie.

Love Karen x

Colette said...

Lorna what fabulous photos, he really loved it didnt he, thanks so much for sharing these with us.
Hugs Colly

wendy said...

so cute!

Michelle said...

Oh Lorna - I can't believe how big he's getting. Bruce wasn't too sure the first time we took him but he certainly looks like he's enjoying it. Love Michelle x