Monday, 25 May 2009

He's growing fast

We have been very busy this past week with moving, firstly it was Niall and Lewis along with their friend Percy moving from a very small terraced house into a four bedroomed place with HUGE garden there they have been joined by David, so most of the week was taken up with sorting them out, then it was Amee and jakes turn, they have moved from a small two bedroom upstairs flat to a two bedroomed house with gorgeous gardens, so after all of that apart from being shattered i have told them no one is allowed to move for a little while yet lol, after we had sorted amee out we had a bit of a relax and play in the sunshine in Amees garden, thought i would just show you our little man he is growing so fast and is so precious................

Amee being slobbered on by Jake

caught on camera, jakes first time sitting up unaided!

He just loves being on his feet as you can tell lol


Michelle said...

Oh Lorna - he's just too cute. Lovely photos. Love Michelle x

scrappyjacky said...

He looks gorgeous,Lorna,and great they now have a garden.

Karen said...

Aaaaawwww he's soooo cute. I had one like that once, can't remeber what day exactly LOL.

Love Karen xxx

Colette said...

He is just too adorable for words and I especially love the top piccie its gorgeous
Hugs Colly

Elisa said...

Beautiful pictures...he is a handsome chap :0)