Wednesday, 15 April 2009

I am being busy, realy i am.

i will have lots of finishes to show you next week, i am busy busy with things for the crafty weekend which is this coming weekend, (ask me about it if you want to know more) i am making things for the raffle and things for the exchange, sorting food for the weekend , i also need to sort out what i am going to be "doing" at the weekend, i have no idea at the minute, will probably end up taking everything and sitting there doing nothing as usual lol well apart from chatting and laughing, i always manage plenty of that!

come back soon.


willow said...

Hi Lorna
I know how you feel I have been making for the weekend in between other things, looking forward to it though and I dont suppose I will get much done with you chatting!!! Lol

Michelle said...

Morning Lorna
How odd - we must all have the need to make something this time for the raffle. I too have made something small but 'quilted'.
Looking forward to it. Maybe when Bruce is a little older, I can stay for the whole weekend. Love Michelle x