Monday, 23 March 2009

Mothers day

hope you all had a lovely mothers day, mine was just another day, too much going on, i had to go to work for a few hours but then alex and i went off fabric shopping so that made up for it, but everyone was out anyway busy busy, so when i go back i cooked dinner and played with fabric,
i received cards with the messages that always make me cry, i also received some yummy thorntons choccies in my fave flavours, strawberry,orange and lemon,they did'nt last long i can tell you lol i also received two huge bunches of daffodils, i love daffs! i can't take a pic as my camera batteries have just died and i can't find any more right now!

i eventualy chose something to make for my mum, after lots of umming and arring, what shall i do? so i made this bit try for her when she's stitching, it is padded on the bottom so it can be used as a pin cushion too! its one of colly's designs that i stitched recently.


scrappyjacky said...

Beautiful, Laura, I'm sure she must have loved it.

Carol said...

The stitching is very pretty. Love the colors.

We don't celebrate Mother's Day till May in the USA so my mother thinks it's great that she gets to celebrate twice :)