Sunday, 15 February 2009

WOW what a night

ok so it was our works christmas party on friday night, i know christmas party in february, but we are too busy at christmas so have to wait, normaly we have it at work but this time we went off to BISTRO LIVE! now they said nice meal, bit of dancing, but dancing on tables, no way, I DON'T DANCE and certainly not on tables, but a few glasses of wine later and i was dancing in the isles, a few more and i was on a chair, before i knew it i was on the table, to the utmost embarrisment of my children, well one of them anyway cause two of them joined me on said table in the end, a couple of pics to prove it lol
did suffer a little on saturday morning but the mist soon cleared lol for crop day not that i did much at all.

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scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a really good night, Laura!!!!!

Janice said...

You go girl, glad to see you letting your hair down Lorna !!

Colette said...

And I thought you were the shy and retiring sort Lorna lol
great piccies
hugs Colly

Michelle said...

You party animal Lorna - looked like fun. Love a night out like this. Love Michelle x