Monday, 2 February 2009

More snow pics

well off we went to work this morning, a few people came in some did'nt even try, the funniest thing was the canadian chap was the only one to end up in the ditch lol, i did ask him if he was used to the snow or not, he laughed and said yes but i did'nt have my snow chains on!

came home an hour early as it has'nt stopped snowing here all day, just been out for a lovely walk in the snow with the dog
got snowballed and a bit wet but it was great
here are some pics


Jackie said...

oooh look at your snow, we didnt have much at all really.

Love your piccies too x

willow said...

You know Lorna as soon as I saw the snow I thought of you getting all excited about it and I wasnt wrong was I?

See you soon

Miss 376 said...

The boys thought the snow was great, Jonathan only came back when he was hungry

Elisa said...

Lovely pictures....wish my piccies were as pretty

Mylene said...

Great snow pictures!!