Sunday, 4 January 2009


ok so i love taking part in exchanges, i am thinking of setting up a blog devoted to exchanging, one exchange a month, you don't have to take part in all of them, just as many as you feel want to, we could do many different exchanges....
just an ornie,
and many more.....

the blog would be devoted entirely to exchanging,
the way i see it working is,
you get a whole month to decide if you want to join, at the end of the month you are given your partner, you then have the following month to make and post your exchange item, you could start making as soon as you have signed up to give yourself more time!

to make this work you would need to spread the word and get as many members as possible.

so what do you think?
and are you interested?


Anonymous said...

Oh boy what a temptress you are!! I may be interested :0D

Michelle said...

She's definitely a temptress - please add me!

Love Michelle xx

POlly said...

yes me please though not hallowen related ones or biscourcs

lorna said...

are you in rachael cause i'm making it as we speak and adding members i have added you michelle and polly!

please spread the word we need lots of members and please ask them to mention you when they get in touch because strangers will need to email me, i have set a list of members but you might like to click the follow this blog link to keep up on whats going on but those not on the members list won't be able to take part...if that makes sense

Wendyk said...

Can I join the exchange group

Lindsay said...

I'd be interested in joining

Z said...

Put me down too please :) Can't guarantee I'll do much, but it would be good to have something to aim for. I think I wouldn't sign up for any exchange unless I'd actually finished an item, or was close to it though or I think I might come a cropper. And it will be very useful for forcing me to practice those finishing skills.


lorna said...

you are all added and i have linked upto your blogs so everyone can see your work, oh i can't wait to get started.

Rachael said...

Yes please Lorna

Always smiling said...

I 'd love to join too, so count me in...


Maddy*Moo said...

What a great idea! Like a never ending list of exchanges! I would love to join in as it would give me something to focus on every month lol! Clever lady!