Tuesday, 6 January 2009

BBBRrrrrrrr Good morning

Boy its cold out there, woke up yesterday morning to snow, not a lot but it was snow which had frozen solid, its still there and even more frozen now, wish we would get a proper snowfall, just for a few days lol

well i am busy stitching away, i am working on a sampler, just doing the borders then i will put it down a do an exchange piece i have to do, then come back to the sampler,realy enjoying it, its called remember me and has been in my to do pile for a few years.

i am also just waiting for some papers to come so i can do my christmas album, i did start on a little 6"x6" but then mum gave me a lovely album for christmas so i have decided to start again in that but my papers were to small so i had to do a little retail therapy, oh dear lol

well better go work is calling, although i have two weeks holiday to take before april so as soon as the christmas return rush is under control i am going to book myself a week off and have a crafty week lol oh heaven!

1 comment:

daydreamer said...

I know what you mean about the cold, roll on the spring & summer!
See you Saturday :)
Rach x