Sunday, 7 December 2008

Sunday sunday........

well i am trying to be busy here but have not got too far lol, keep being distracted...trying to get some stitching done and finished and then have decided on another project to get done before christmas, need to get my finger out but first let me tell you about yesterday,

yesterday was the crafty croppers christmas party, we had such a great day with lots of singing and a beetle drive game, lots of yummy food and a goody exchange, which were all fantastic, and the best company possible, thanks to all, and thanks to rachel for my goody exchange, this is what i got...thanks Rachel

then when i got home they were all waiting with an empty tree, so after some messing and a slap round the cheek from Amee this is what we ended up with, well this morning after i had cleared all the mess up they made last night lol

let me explain about the slap round the face i received...i can't stop laughing about it everytime i think about it, we were all in tears lol.... Amee was sorting and hanging decorations on the tree, she picked up a decoration went to walk to the tree, stood on something sharp and came full pelt falling towards me who was sitting on the sofa, now at almost 9 months pregnant she is quite a size lol, anyway the hands came out to save herself still holding a wooden decoration on a string, which swung round at a great rate of knots, (sp) well bloomin fast anyway and slapped me round the face, even her BF could'nt believe the noise it made, Amee ended up a heap on the floor at my feet mortified that she had hit me, thinking i was crying...i think i was in shock, boy did we cry with laughter!

any way i think i need to go and wipe my tears away again and get back to my stitching!

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daydreamer said...

Hi Lorna, Ouch! that slap sounds painful! I would have seen the funny side too though!
Glad you liked your 'secret santa'
Love Rach x