Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sweet Treats

Woohoo i have my latest sweet treats to show off, its called Violet something or other, looks like nosegay but i have no idea what that is! any ideas?
i just love it when the post man calls with my fabric, i have them on sub bi-monthly, not that i have used any of them yet lol, i just stroke them !

and another good thing happened today...i have booked on the scrapajack retreat in May, don't think i will ever be able to miss going and spending such quality time with jak and deb, they are just the best, and not forgetting everyone else i have met there, it is just the best 3 days of fun you can have.


Colette said...

Oh Lorna what fabulous fabric and just my fave colours too. I was going to join until DH reminded me how much I owe him lol oh well perhaps I can fondle yours now and again.
Hugs Colly

Jackie said...

Oooh love those colours.

Glad to hear youve booked again, mind you wouldnt be the same without you there xx

Maddy*Moo said...

Those fabrics look adorable! I can't think what it says either lol. The scrapajack sounds fun! lol. Where can I find information on it?

lorna said...

look in my links maddy and you will see scrapajack there