Saturday, 8 November 2008

Here we go

well here we go, i am hoping this blog will help me to document my crafting i tend to send things off the their new homes without taking pictures or they end up lost in the mess that is my home never to be seen again so hoping this will help me to remember to take those photo's and maybe even display my work a bit better

here we go with some of my recent finishes

some of you know i am going to be a grandma WOOHOO only 5 more weeks to go, so i have been busy making things for baby jake, firstly i have lined out the crib, this was a carboot find, you know when you have something in your head, just what you want but can't find it well i did fine the wicker crib and this is what i did with it..

then i turned my attention to the big cot, for when he's a little older, and made this quilt, i am also going to make another one, one for his house, one for mine lol and i'm sure there will be more to follow!

i have also been busy making a quilt for our bed not that i think we will need it much with the central heating but it looks good and well i like making them lol

i have a few more pieces to make for christmas so i'm sure my new sewing machine is going to be very busy.


Stitchingranny said...

Congratulations on joining the blogging world Lorna.


Lindylou said...

Hi Lorna

Can I please ask where I get the pattern from for that quilt unless you have instructions you could send me??

The blog looks great.



lorna said...

i will see if i can find the instructions for you lynn

POlly said...

wow lorna you crib and quilts are so amazing

Colette said...

Methinks this baby is going to be spoilt lol I love the crib and the quilt Lorna, well done

Gertie said...

Yay she finally has a blog to post all the lovely things she makes!!!

Love the quilts Lorna and can't believe that baby will be here soon :-]