Monday, 30 March 2015

Why do weekends go so fast??

It was fab but over way to fast! So Polly and Rebecca came to stay and play! arriving early Saturday and leaving early evening sunday, in that time (minus the time we took out to go fabric shopping) we spent in the cabin sewing,
Polly was working on the "shroud" a quilt she has been making for her mother for quite a few years which has been named "the shroud" polly planned to get 8 blocks done over the weekend but actualy doubled that and made 16 YAYY!!
while polly was working on that I was trying to encourage me sewing bug to return which has been MIA for some time.....this is what I came up with, rather like it i do !!!

needs tweaking which I will do with the second run, but very happy.
 our shopping trip was almost completely successful, Polly and I have decided to work on a Dear Jane quilt together so went off to buy fabric, I didn't come back with the yellow I needed but did get the rest so plenty to be getting on with, Polly didn't get her yellow either.....must be a shortage of yellow fabby we thinks!!
google Dear Jane quilt to see what its all about, we have a FB page set up....if any one wants to sew along with us just yell and I will add you to the group.
so a lovely weekend was had.....whens the next one ??


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