Thursday, 29 August 2013

Home Alone

 So what do you do when your home alone??
Firstly you have a girly sleepover with some munchies and a bit of cider thrown in !
then you go on a road trip visiting friends and buying beads with a spot of lunch thrown in,
then you make a bag !!
just love these fabrics, got the cat version too so another bag on its way, need to change a couple of bits as the design evolves lol but loving the first finish of it.

Monday, 19 August 2013


A couple of hour of crafting!!
trying to get my mojo back, since being back at work and being SOOOOO tired my crafting mojo took flight and was off, 
so i am trying to get it back from wherever it had migrated too!!
not the best picture as always, taken in the dark again,
 this working lark even gets in the way of taking a photo in daylight !!
it was scout hut crafters yesterday and although i didn't actual do anything i did get the urge for making a quilt, 
Jill was making a gorgeous purple and green one and after discovering a new found love of green, it was really calling to me, so Sunday i am off fabric shopping, i was going to be buying Christmas fabric but spent far too much on that on Saturday when i found just what i needed, so Sunday will be quilt fabric me thinks,
mmmmm what design shall i do!?!?

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Lovely new Fabbies!!

 I have just had lots of new fabbies arrived, oh scrummy, got lots of plans going on , my scribbling book is being scribbled in lol
not the best of pictures as i did them in the dark but i am really pleased seen as i didnt actualy choose them, most of the ones i did choose are stuck on a slow boat from somewhere lol and i just had to have something so i said surprise me!
 and they did and  i am loving them!!
 the colours really are not good in these pictures, i will take more pics in daylight, now then which project to start first???

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ben Nevis

 A group of my work colleages are off on friday to climb Ben Nevis, 
supporting 3 very worthy charities, 
please show your support  by sponsoring them too, every penny counts, so just a little will be very welcome.
Good luck guys!Hawthorn Threatrical Ltd team members who are climbing Britain's highest mountain on Saturday, Ben Nevis, in aid of Loros, Rainbows Hospice and Scotty's Little Soldiers

A TEAM of adventurers from Old Dalby-based firm Hawthorn Theatrical Ltd are climbing Britain’s highest mountain on Saturday (August 17) for three charities.
The team of 17 will be scaling Ben Nevis in Scotland, with the aim of raising at least £750 each for Loros, Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People and Scotty’s Little Soldiers - a charity dedicated to supporting the children of men and women killed while serving in the British armed forces.
The team - which has the full backing of managing director Martin Hawthorn - will be led by his son, Gavin. The other team members are Jules Crawley, Jeanette Hicks, Lee Shrubb, Ed Thornton, Joe Duncan, Kev Proctor, Richard Hill, Richard Castle ‘Clyde’, Carl Culley, Matt Edgington, Ben Kusi, Sam Kilby, Paul Smith, James Cockayne, Ben Galbraith and Jack Hockin.
Team spokesman Jules Crawley said: “We’re intending to do this climb for ‘those that can’t’ and hope we raise enough money to benefit as many people as possible.”
l To sponsor the Hawthorn team visit, and

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Birthday Girl

The Girl- Mia moo that is turned 2 yesterday, 
where has the time gone, cant believe she is 2,
joining the terrible 2's brigade- nope she has been in that club since day 1 lol
I had a picture in my head when Amee was pregnant with Mia, 
little blonde ringlette haired thing with a princess dress on and wellies ...............just needs the hair to get a bit longer but here she is !!!!

happy birthday Mia Moo, 
Love u lots n lots xxxx

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

And back to work i go....

After 3 and a half months off work i ventured back last thursday, i have missed everyone and all the banter but really didnt want to go back, after being able to go in my craft room whenever i fancied during the day and over flowing with ideas and producing to my hearts my head is empty !!

i have been in my craft room!!  i have been cutting all week for my sewing box workshop on sunday, 
just lots n lots of cutting lol
lots of ladies all making this.
so i need some inspiration for my next project mmmmmmm what to do,. 
a room full of stuff and no idea what to play with next, i'm sure something will come to me when i'm not so tired lol, 
might have an early finish today!!
in fact i will have an early finish today!!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Jakey mini album

Eventualy i have managed to make Jakey a mini album too, same size as Mia's, had to go off and find some boyish papers, not a lot of choice but i found some the right colours....just need to sort out the printer issue so no photos at the minute, still refusing to thinks a new one is in order !!