Sunday, 13 November 2011

Get together in Derby

Well i am shattered after the Derby get together yesterday didnt get home till 9.45ish last night, just fell into bed with jakey boy who was snoring his head off by then!
had a fab day though, with big thanks to Rachael for organising it,
and thanks to Polly for taking me and thanks to Wendy for making me cry!!

and we managed a couple of nice photos too thanks to Ann for these,
and look Wendy is smiling,
i have a million more with wendy hiding lol

we had a great time laughing and stitching, i was working on my hexagon Mia quilt,
got a couple of rows done,
we then went off to the Toby carvery and had a lovely turkey meal AND a pudding, naughty naughty!!
then it was back to Rachaels for coffee, thanks Andy for the coffees,

so today we get to do it all again, this time its the Scout Hut Crafters day,
so i will be back later with more pics of the motley crew.
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Rachael xx said...

They are great photos!! Glad to see Wendy smiling!!

Michelle said...

Lovely photos Lorna - glad you all had a great day. Mr Postie will pay you a visit this week xx

Brigitte said...

Oh Lorna, this must have been a real day for you and the other girls.

Mouse said...

oooo you looked like you had oodles of fun from your smiles and you weren't too far away from me (just over an hourish ) enjoy today and will catch up with you later :0 love mouse xxxx