Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Crafty weekend makes....

I have just realised that i didn't show you what i made and received on the crafty weekend, i was very busy, probably the most productive weekend i have had for a long time that was all for me, well not probably but definitely!!
we made the gorgeous star cushion first, really enjoyed making this, so much so that i went on to make another one as a pin cushion along with another pin cushion just because i could! 
 i want to make one of all my scappy bits of fabric, i knew there was a reason why i saved all my tiddy little bits of fabric, at just 2.5" square i can get loads together, thats the hoarder in me!

then it was onto boxes, now knowing how much i love boxes and tins of any sort its no wonder i ended up making 3 of these 

we then had the exchange where i received this gorgeous necklace and bracelet from one of our wonderful beaders Sue (workshop from them (Sue and Annie) during the march weekend) 

 and to finish off i won this gorgeous little beaded bell in the raffle

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Conker picking.......

It was a week or so ago now but on the last lovely Sunday i had off and chance to spend with the littlies, the weather was gorgeous so off we went Jake, baby Mia and myself off round the village in search or conkers, we were gone for a bit longer than i had intended but it was lovely, jake finding all the conkers, kept him so busy for a good couple of hours and the pushchair was full lol, he kept saying "i'm not finished yet" and in the end when we were starting to lose the light he said "ok i'm finished now, shall we go home?"
its amazing how the little things are so wonderfull
 and here's our little Mia, the smiles are coming now, you just have to be so quick with the camera to catch them

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Crafty weekend

Well another crafty weekend has been and gone and another fab time was had by all, 
and i have to say a very productive one, we made star cushions and fabric covered boxes as workshops, so over the weekend i made 1 large star cushion and 1 small star cushion a pin cushion and 3 fabric covered boxes, 
as well as catering for a dozen people or more over the weekend with two choices of meals on the menu each day, no wonder i came home on sunday evening shattered but very happy lol
                                                                people ....doing things!!
 more people doing things
some of the finished projects,
i will take some pics of my items tomorrow in better light!
i just love these weekends and cant wait till the end of march for the next one, and if the weather is good the tent will be needed as well!!

Saturday, 8 October 2011


Really must keep up with this blogging lark lol........... 
2 exchanges to show you, firstly the one i sent out in the Rotating designer exchange to Cathi, the designer to be stitched was Prairie Schooler so being a Halloween lover this is what i came up with...... i am very happy with it and hopefully Cathi is too.

 the second one is what i received from Cynthia in the threads of life Christmas exchange,its just gorgeous, i love it, the picture just doesn't do it justice, i just cant get a good pic of it!
thank you Cynthia
right off to load the car, its Crafty weekend woohoo, 
i'm sure there will be lots of pics to show you later.....