Monday, 19 September 2011

The littlies.......

Just a few pics of the little people in our lives, i am very busy at the minute and have been feeling like i am missing out on the littlies although trying to fit them in at every opportunity, cant wait to have a sunday off to spend the day with them, here is Jakey on sunday at the foxton locks show having  ride on the mini double decker bus, just look at that hat lol

and here is Mia at 6 weeks old, where has the time gone, 6 weeks already, she is doing fine and gaining weight rapidly, she had her 6 week check up this morning and from a birth weight of 10lb 12oz she is now 12lb 12oz, the doc said he was going to ask how she was feeding but no need to after seeing that weight lol

Exchange item recieved

I received this gorgeous little ornie over the weekend from Gabi in Germany, it i part of the rotating designer exchange, and i love it lol. now need to get mine finished and on its way, 
stitched it just need to "finish" it!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

1st September!

Its the 1st September already oh my where has the summer gone,  where has it been? because it hasn't been here! i have been waiting for it, but it didn't come! its the coolest summer since 1993!
i am not looking forward to winter, i have bad memories of last winter, i was ill for most of it and i really don't want to go there again....think positive lol i will be fine!
so onto other things, 
we are in a busy month without a day off until October, we have the usual markets, craft fairs, scout hut crops and nec trade shows to keep us busy
but i am determined to get a little stitching in to keep me sane and give me an hour here and there to relax
a sneaky peak of what i am working on at the mo......