Monday, 16 May 2011

Woohoo its here........

My scrapping kit that is,
so now i have photos, i have paper, so what shall i do with it all lol mmmmm lets see what i can come up with, its a long time since i have scrapped and have lost all ideas and mojo, probably need to have a look around and see if something inspires me.....and on the stitching front here is my progress on "the family sampler", its coming along slowly but surely, actually enjoying stitching this at the minute, i was not really in the zone when i started it but i am getting there now, i am loving the fact it gives you option for how many children you want to put in plus dogs and cats, so i am having me and the girls on one side dh and ds on the other with a dog and a cat.

so now i don't know what to do this evening, i need to be making quilts for wood-n-stitches but i want to be stitching and playing with paper HELP !!!!!!!!


Karen said...

My kinda paper Lorna. I think Jake at the seaside.

Hope your ok.

Love Karen x

lorna said...

i was thinking the same too karen, i have some from when he was about 7 months old that i thought would fit nicely,
i am fine thanks how are you x x

Michelle said...

Its lovely Lorna - love the buttons x