Thursday, 29 January 2009

WIP update

well i have managed to do a little bit of work on this this week and this is where i am so far, realy enjoying working on this piece, the colours are just wonderful, think i might have to frame this one i don't frame many pices but i can't see it as a wallhanging or cushion some how!

what do you think how should i finish it?
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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Smile baby

i just had to show you this, i took loads of photos this morning all when he was smiling but most of them just look like he is pulling faces but i did manage two lovely pics of him smiling.
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Monday, 19 January 2009

Monday, works in progress

thought i had better come and say something before you all think i have gone awol, i am crafting honostly lol
i have been working on exchanges, i have finished my friends and my winter exchanges, just need to "finish" them, obviously i can't show them yet until they have been received, i need to do a mailart one now but while i think about exactly what i want to do i am working on this design....

it is a sampler i started during the christmas holiday called "Remember me" i started it and then have been doing my exchange pieces in between working on the sampler, thought i would show you my progress so far rather than nothing at all lol

well better go cook the tea before people start yelling, spag bol tonight!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Lovely Weekend

Thats what i have had, saturday was spent with all my great friends at the crop, my little baby jake came home with me and spent the night with his grandma to let his mum and dad get some unbroken sleep lol, then today his mum came and they are still here so it has been lovely spending the day with them both, he has slept through most of it mind you

At the crop yesterday the wonderful maz gave us the most gorgeous pressie, a hand made milk carrier thingy, you know the kind the milk man used to carry round when delivering to the doorstep, all made from card and each carton had a little somethig inside, bibs, socks,a teddy and some booties, its just gorgeous, thank you maz

i did work on my christmas album while at the crop but i hav'nt actualy finished a page yet although several are almost there so i will soon have some pics to show you although not a crafty thing has been achieved today too much baby cuddling going on lol

well off to have a tidy up this place looks like a tornado has passed through.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

BBBRrrrrrrr Good morning

Boy its cold out there, woke up yesterday morning to snow, not a lot but it was snow which had frozen solid, its still there and even more frozen now, wish we would get a proper snowfall, just for a few days lol

well i am busy stitching away, i am working on a sampler, just doing the borders then i will put it down a do an exchange piece i have to do, then come back to the sampler,realy enjoying it, its called remember me and has been in my to do pile for a few years.

i am also just waiting for some papers to come so i can do my christmas album, i did start on a little 6"x6" but then mum gave me a lovely album for christmas so i have decided to start again in that but my papers were to small so i had to do a little retail therapy, oh dear lol

well better go work is calling, although i have two weeks holiday to take before april so as soon as the christmas return rush is under control i am going to book myself a week off and have a crafty week lol oh heaven!

Sunday, 4 January 2009


ok so i love taking part in exchanges, i am thinking of setting up a blog devoted to exchanging, one exchange a month, you don't have to take part in all of them, just as many as you feel want to, we could do many different exchanges....
just an ornie,
and many more.....

the blog would be devoted entirely to exchanging,
the way i see it working is,
you get a whole month to decide if you want to join, at the end of the month you are given your partner, you then have the following month to make and post your exchange item, you could start making as soon as you have signed up to give yourself more time!

to make this work you would need to spread the word and get as many members as possible.

so what do you think?
and are you interested?

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy Birthday Cara

Today is my Cara's 19th birthday,
they are all growing up so fast, where does the time go!
we are off to pizza hut with family and friends this evening to celebrate


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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

i would just like to wish you all a wondeful new year
i hope that in 2009 all your wishes and dreams come true!
and that you all get plenty of crafting time lol