Sunday, 14 December 2008

My Baby is 21....

Makes you think a bit when your first child gets to 21, it only seems like yesterday and now she is 21 and oh so soon to be a mum herself,
she was feeling a bit down as she did'nt think she could celebrate her 21st birthday with being so pregnant lol....of course you can, so we threw her a surprise 21st birthday party on friday night, she did'nt have a clue, and had a great evening as did those that were partaking in a little tipple lol won't bore you with all the drunken goings on lol but here she is arriving....

and us together, was hoping to get a family photo as i never seem to be able to get them all together very often, maybe a christmas day project for that one then!


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Karen said...

Aahh so glad Amee had a good birthday. Just waiting for little man to arrive now.

Love Karen xxx