Saturday, 29 November 2008

This Week.......

this week has been a busy week but it has flown past, work is busy but hopefuly the madness is over for a week give us time to catch our breaths until it all returns and we start all over again.... oh joy lol

crafty wise i have managed to get a few things finished, i can show you some but not others, every year i take part in a 6 person christmas ornie exchange, i make 6 ornies and send them all over the world and then comes back 6 ornies to me, not from the 6 i sent to but from others, i have been doing it for quite a few years and now have a tree full of the most wonderful hand made ornies, i just love it and it is such a joy each year when they come out of hibernation for the christmas season, here are my offerings for this year...i have been making other ornies too but i can't show them just yet!

also this week i have made a christmas 08 mini album, each year i entend to do one but never have so this year i am, a group of us are doing this together, starting on the 15th dec, each week we will get two/three page titles, then you go away, take/find the pics and whatever else you fancy to go with those titles, we don't know what they will be until the beggining of that week, we will go into the new year and just see what we come up with, i'm realy looking forward to it, and i am hoping it will make me take lots more pictures than usual of all things christmas cause we just don't know what the titles will be.

also this week i received the most lovely FQ bundle from Israel and my friend Rachel, it is just gorgeous and so nicely bundled too, just need to find the perfect project for it now.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Thank you Colly

I just had to show you this that i received in the post yesterday for my birthday from my good friend Colly, they are both just gorgeous, thanks Colly.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Lovely Birthday

Well yesterday was my birthday and i had a fantastic day even though i was at work, they do make me feel special there, i had a lovely birthday cake, lots of ballons and pressies, then we went straight from work out for tea, was a bit stuffed by the time i got home but had a great day. so thanks to alex, claire and sadie and tom too although he was'nt there, well is spirit anyway lol

then i also have to say thank you for all the birthday wishes from everyone and to michelle, maggie and patt for my birthday goodies and to everyone else for the cards, it was all lovely.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Crafty Saturday

Woohoo it was crafty saturday yesterday, so i joined the others in the scout hut for the day, Karen was back, we have missed you karen glad to have you back x
after doing two weeks of 65 and 60 hours i needed some me time!

AND i got to play with my new sewing machine, had only had a 5 minute play on it when it first arrived so this was the time to give it a go and this is what i made with it....

the second of the baby quilts i wanted to do and including the freehand quilting, my first attempt and i am pretty pleased with it, hope you can see it there!

now i just need to find some more time to play some more lol

Scrapajack finishes

Thought i would let you see what i actualy did while i was away at the scrapajack retreat,these are the classes....
the theme seemed to be going with "me" a lot, and although you could very easily change them to whatever theme you wanted i decided that seen as i am no where to be found in my scrapping ...mum who's that?... so i stayed with the theme and this is what i ended up with

there were two classes with Tracie......

then we have Rachels class....just love it, well the pic could be a bit better lol

then we did the most wonderful canvas with Sharon, my photo was the wrong orientation of course so i turned my canvas, i am just loving this piece...

we did a mini book with vanessa too but its not finished yet so that will have to follow at a later date,
i have to say how much i enjoyed the classes they were FAB.

well apart from my classes and after all the chatter and laughter i did manage a whole LO by myself, yes a whole ONE lol....

can't wait for the next retreat.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sweet Treats

Woohoo i have my latest sweet treats to show off, its called Violet something or other, looks like nosegay but i have no idea what that is! any ideas?
i just love it when the post man calls with my fabric, i have them on sub bi-monthly, not that i have used any of them yet lol, i just stroke them !

and another good thing happened today...i have booked on the scrapajack retreat in May, don't think i will ever be able to miss going and spending such quality time with jak and deb, they are just the best, and not forgetting everyone else i have met there, it is just the best 3 days of fun you can have.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Halloween stitching

i just LOVE stitching anything Halloween, well along with Christmas, i love that too and although i have started on that i have nothing to show yet so just my Halloween for now,

firstly my envelope (mail art) which i stitched for my great friend Michelle, and yes it did go in the post and to my delight arrived safe and sound, (and in good condition i hope ) the next day , i was so nervous but i have to say well done the the PO they did's to the next one because i really want to do it again now i have tried it once.

then there is my wall hanging which was for Moll, this was for an exchange that i took part in, and i think she liked that one too, well from her response she did lol

Here we go

well here we go, i am hoping this blog will help me to document my crafting i tend to send things off the their new homes without taking pictures or they end up lost in the mess that is my home never to be seen again so hoping this will help me to remember to take those photo's and maybe even display my work a bit better

here we go with some of my recent finishes

some of you know i am going to be a grandma WOOHOO only 5 more weeks to go, so i have been busy making things for baby jake, firstly i have lined out the crib, this was a carboot find, you know when you have something in your head, just what you want but can't find it well i did fine the wicker crib and this is what i did with it..

then i turned my attention to the big cot, for when he's a little older, and made this quilt, i am also going to make another one, one for his house, one for mine lol and i'm sure there will be more to follow!

i have also been busy making a quilt for our bed not that i think we will need it much with the central heating but it looks good and well i like making them lol

i have a few more pieces to make for christmas so i'm sure my new sewing machine is going to be very busy.